Rafiq Khan

Rafiq Khan is the president of AVS Group USA Inc. He has over 25 years in experience with visual works, graphic designs and project management. For a majority of his career, Rafiq works closely with people and has been highly involved in fabrication and finishing processes at the shop. He started his visual career as the owner and art  director at an advertising company in 1990s. Then, in early 2000s, he joined a large visuals and signage company in New York City and served as the vice president of business operations until 2011. Finally, in 2012, he established his own signage manufacturing company called Architectural Visual Solutions, or better known as AVS.
Rafiq is highly certified in this industry. He has completed UL University courses in electric signs, LED signs, HID signs, Neon signs, Incandescent signs, Section signs, Fluorescent signs and much more. He  completed the FlowMaster CAD programming and Direct Drive Pump HP Maintenance for world’s leading waterjet cutting machine and the Trumpf’s ToPs 100 programming for world famous laser cutting machine. He also successfully completed superwide format VUTEk printing machine operation and maintenance training.
Furthermore, he is experienced in the industry’s standard applications and softwares such as Adobe Creative Cloud, CorelDraw Graphic Suites, AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor and other CNC CAD/CAM softwares. He also knows Pre-press process, PostScript fonts and illustrations, Solutions for image quality issues, Color management, Various types of materials and vendor resources, Preventative maintenance and Computer networking  and troubleshooting .