AVS is an experienced architectural and digital signage manufacturer and reseller located in New York.
Staying current with the latest materials and processes is part of our exercise. Our creative sustainable signage and its inspiring impact on our team is something that we crave for in every project.

The People

The people behind AVS are literally breathing more than a decade in this field. We have active partnerships and strong networks across the world. We only deal with those who are pioneering in this industry consistently over many decades. We also work with the most advanced technologies that are best in class.

What we offer

The organization offers an innovative and flexible portfolio of products and manufacturing processes to create completely customized solutions and provides the best, fastest and most reliable services to clients throughout the US market and overseas. Our products are highly specified in retail, schools, hospitals, airports, government building and other high traffic environments. Most of our manufactured products can be shipped anywhere in the world regardless of the product quantity, AVS will make the project happen for you.

Member of:

Society for Environmental Graphic Design

United States Sign Council

International Sign Association

Digital Signage Federation

UL- United States and Canada